Our Objective

  1. To meet or exceed the state mandated in recycling goals which are
  2. Re-use of human waste.
  3. Continue to research and bring forth innovative systems for handling human waste.
  4. Creation of Sewage free Environment

The community have been confronted with the difficulty to identify the right human waste projects that can be beneficial in terms of minimization of environment impact and providing avenues for the stakeholders to practice an entrepreneurial venture and in turn facilitate a sustainable form of  modern avenue for renewable energy frontier that is  cost effective and readily accessible raw materials programmes.

Access to best practices is remedy against repeating common mistakes and building efficiency.

The project will asses a different model of on-grid renewable energy  development pertaining to different project scales(small), using the Project Team members  experience in a market a new market.

Human waste management is a challenge to any developing country and this project is aimed at improving the lives, create opportunities to millions of people around the world.

This project has a potential to deliver sustainability greater result per dollar than standard development practices by improving lives and opening better opportunities to millions of people living in poverty.

Low cost gas, power and sanitation services are not accessible to the poor people living in Sub Saharan Africa and this project is aimed at reaching millions in the long run