What E-DOO Energy is all about

This project for E-DOO energy and energy efficiency is designed to be financially profitable, technically feasible and good for investors, customers, staff, the community at large and the environment.It is a second generation patentable bio fuel technology that, unlike bio gas, is a combination of mechanical and chemical methods [without additives] to produce gas, electricity and soil fertility remedies from human waste.  The output is E-doo energy.The innovation uses less expensive means of creating the renewable energy hence reducing the unit cost as opposed to using the traditional sources of energy that apart from being expensive, have various impacts on the users and environment at large. The innovation will also help reduce environment degradation by making use of human wastes that would otherwise have created a need to get rid of. The implementation strategy and logistic chain approach makes it suitable for almost every situation where sanitation and energy problems occur. It is scalable and adaptable

 Meet our Team

ELIUD Kiogora
Raf Grubben